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The name of B. W. Ryder is synonymous with quality leather products for domestic, memento and commercial use and has been, here in Llandudno, since the 1960s. Step inside our shop on Upper Mostyn Street and you will find a treasure chest of leather ranging from Ladies Handbags and Purses to South American Leather Luggage and Back Packs and from fine Gents leather wallets to a large range of modern suitcases and luggage.

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Our formidable range of handbags originates from reputable suppliers such as Tula and Radley. There are full hide leather shoulder bags, also the new design Back Bag from the Healthy Back Bag Co. They make useful, attractive and permanent gifts and, for something a little smaller, we have an equally impressive range of purses, keycases and small leathergoods. As prime specialists in fine leather goods in this region the outstanding choice applies to other items on sale such as children’s schoolbags, back packing gear (very popular now),ladies and gents folding walking sticks,Rams Horn Crooks, wallets, field sticks, briefcases, even dog leads!

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